Choose a Database Configuration

Choose where Confluence should store its data.

External Database

If you wish to store your Confluence data in an external database, choose it from the list of supported databases. This is recommended for production systems.

Confluence supports a number of databases, and does not strongly recommend any one database. Atlassian provides only limited support for maintaining and tuning databases, so if you already have an established, supported database of choice within your organisation it is advisable to use this database. The benefit of having an expert to diagnose operational and performance issues far outweighs any differences between the databases themselves.

If you have no established database and do not have a strong preference for any of our supported databases, we recommend the latest supported version of PostgreSQL, which is free and thoroughly tested against. Please check the latest supported version in our documentation.

If your database is not listed in the menu, you may configure an “Unsupported Database”, but be aware that Confluence may not be fully tested against this database.

Embedded Database

The embedded database will allow Confluence to operate without an external database.

We strongly recommend against using this on a production server. This is recommended for evaluating and demonstrating Confluence only. Production systems should consider an external database for improved scalability and reliability. A guide on how to migrate your data can be found here.